Natalie Stanfield

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About Natalie

Natalie is an experienced voice actor who enjoys working with clients in multiple areas of the voice over industry. From her home studio in upstate New York, she provides engaging, believable commercial delivery without the ‘hard-sell’ aftertaste, medical or technical narration taking on difficult pronunciations with ease, and fun, fully-developed characters that play well with others.Natalie possesses chameleon-like VO ability, digital audio editing skills, rapier wit, and she has an RAB certification as a Certified Professional Commercial Copywriter. Natalie is available for voice over and creative writing projects from spots and production pieces, to bits and song parodies.


Special Skills

US English – General Broadcast English, General Southern US, Southern US Dialects - Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Virginia, Louisiana, Northeastern U.S. Dialects - New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Boston, Wisconsin, Michigan, Neutral US English,

International - Yiddish, Scottish, Indian, Japanese, English, Italian, African Francophone, Spanish, Mettle European, Australian, German, Irish,French, Russian, Belgian

Archetypes - Southern Belle, Valley Girl, Redneck, Hillbilly, Starlet, Grandmother, Mom, Lateral Lisp, Nerdy, Cowgirl, Jewish Grandmother, Urban, Witch

Impersonations - Mae West, Julia Child, Ethel Merman, Crystal Gale, Grandmother, Natasha Fatale, Rocket J. Squirrel, Lambie Pie, Edith Ann, Sarah Palin, Fran Drescher, Katherine Hepburn, Paula Dean

Ages - Child, Teen, Young Adult, Middle Aged, Senior