Natalie was born with the creativity gene. Superlative voice, too. Her work is on a par with Dick Orkin’s.
— Kirk Harnack at Telos

Happy Clients


Natalie was studying work in radio and theatre when we met. I enjoyed her performance in more than one play in college. As a loyal listener to her on air radio programs throughout her career when within reception. Thankful for the internet which provided access to her programs regardless of location. Natalie has always been an inventive character actor whether live on stage or with her voice alone.

— Julie Kolb: Author at Kolb Web Inc

Natalie is one of the most, if not THE most talented voice actors with whom I've ever had the pleasure to work. She is one of those rare people who "gets it" - the FIRST time - when you describe what you want in a voiceover. As if that were not reason enough to hire her, there are more voices in Natalie's repertoire than should be allowed by law! From the innocent little girl to the angry old grandma, and everyone in between, she is a master of character voices.

— Jeff Johnson: Former Talk Show Co-Host Sirius Satellite Radio Patriot Ch. 141

I have been using Natalie for voice-over on various projects for a few months, and every time she has sent me fine work that has gone over great with my end clients. She has been flexible in read style and accommodating in handling the needs of the different clients. I happily recommend Natalie for your female VO needs.

— Chris Mezzolesta: Owner & Voice Actor at Voiceatile

I hired Natalie to voice a spot for my hospital client's special women's event. Her work was flawless. She gave me the personality I was looking for and made the copy 100% her own. The client was thrilled both with the finished commercial and (more importantly) the result: the event was standing room only, with attendance exceeding the client's high estimate by 20%. Would I hire Natalie again? In a heartbeat. Don't pass up the opportunity to put her to work for you!

— Rod Schwartz: Owner/Creative Director Grace Broadcast Sales First Strike Advertising-Radio Sales Cafe


Natalie has provided character voices for multiple audio drama projects I produce. Her work is always top tier and serves to enhance the project.

— Glenn Hascall: Voice, writer and management.

I have had the pleasure of working with Natalie on a number of projects, as well as attending Faffcon seminars which Natalie headed up. Her natural instinct with copy and copy interpretation is excellent. Her home studio sounds great and she has an excellent attitude. She is easy to reach and always ready to do a great job.

— Cliff Zellman: RadioVision LLC -

Whenever I have hired Natalie for some expert voice over work she has more than met my expectations. She seems to have a heightened ability for understanding the work I send her that lends itself perfectly to the directions I give her. If I send work to Natalie I know I'll be getting some of the best voice work in the industry.

— Jeff Atherholt: Creative Services Director at 95.1 SHINE- FM

I hired Natalie multiple times to do voiceovers at my previous Corporate position and she delivered excellent performances every time. I've also recommended Natalie for voiceover work with other colleagues both at my previous employer and at other companies. She consistently delivers excellence. I warmly commend her to you.

— Bob Souer:Owner, Bob Souer Productions


I've known Natalie for years, and have hired her on several occasions as a voice performer, both as a "regular" person and as a character. She always takes direction well, knows how to attenuate her performance based on feedback, and is an utter delight to have in the booth. She possesses a work ethic that makes her a joy to hire, and is always good for a laugh. Not sure what she says a bout me behind my back, and I'll just pretend it's good.

— Blaine Parker: Minister of Covert Ops at Slow Burn Marketing LLC

Natalie has a great ear for creating good audio. In fact, she has TWO great ears: one for being able to take/and/understand direction, and the other to hear her own performance and adjust it on the fly. Her versatility is amazing. Just when you think you've got her categorized, she shows you something new. One of my clients created a whole series of spots for her, after being delighted by the initial "one-off". I'll be calling on Natalie again...but I'll be glad to share her talents with you.

— Rowell Gormon: Imaginator Creative Productions

I have hired Natalie on many occasions to voice characters for projects I was involved in. Her ability to bring life and realism to the characters she portrays is phenomenal. Her performances are inspirational to other actors involved. Natalie is top of my list!

— Dan Zullo: Voice Talent at VoiceGalaxy Productions

Natalie served as a contract voice for me while I was Creative Director at K-LOVE & Air 1. Her work is excellent, she takes direction very well, and was a pleasure to have on the Creative team. Her can-do attitude, coupled with her talent and integrity made for a successful working relationship.

— Frank Scales: Director of Production - at Relevant Radio